INTERKULTfest 2016

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The open call for the program of the performative art festival INTERKULTfest 2016 has now started

INTERKULTfest, a performative art festival focusing on interculturalism, will be organized in 2016 in cooperation with cultural centers Stoa and Vuotalo during 21.–24.9.2016. The festival will be international, which means that there will also be invited performances from abroad in addition to national ones. Through the open call we’re looking for performances which deal with the thematic of the festival from a new perspective, fearless of taking a stand. We value forms of expression which are appealing to youngsters as well as urbanity. The main target groups are youngsters and young adults, but we are also looking for performances for children to meet the INTERKULTkids concept. The performance for children should be directed to children between 5 and 8 years of age.

Primarily, we look for performances from professional groups, but we also take under consideration other performances which have a back up professional organization, but in which performers themselves aren’t’t professional artists. The performance should be under 120 minutes and light in the set design due to tight construction schedule during the festival. The performances can be based on dance, theatre, circus, performance, spoken word or others which that could be considered performative art.

Please send a free-form proposal by 31.12.2015 to festival(at) and on the subject of the message write “INTERKULTfest 2016 open call”. The final selection will be communicated personally to the applicants by 30.4

Please attach the following to the proposal:

  • description of the performance and workgroup
  • technical requirements
  • duration
  • target group
  • photos and video
  • costs calculation

INTERKULTfest 2015 from Interkult Kassandra on Vimeo.